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The Advantages of Sauna

A sauna is to make the body sweat. By being in a room with high temperature And have a dry condition To sweat Along with cleansing the dirt from the pores Nowadays, infrared coils are used to pass through hot rocks , heat.

Hot Stone Heaters

How to use a sauna.

1. Wash your body thoroughly Take off the jewelry first In particular, the metal that conducts heat can cause heat burns.

2. Eat light foods such as salads and soups to provide energy during the sauna.

3. The sauna should take about 8-12 minutes per time, should not exceed 15 minutes, then the oven should be exited. To use the cold to help close the pores Or maybe take a dip in a cold water pool from 1-2 minutes or a Jagizzi at a temperature of 13-18 degrees for 1-2 minutes and then go into a new baking.

4. After a sauna session You should wipe yourself with a cool cloth. To help close the pores

After finishing, drink water to compensate for the lost water.


1. Before doing a sauna, take a rest to keep your heart rhythm normal. Before baking.

2. During a sauna, your heart will pump and beat faster, it should not exceed 50 percent of your normal heart rate. The heart rate is 60-100 beats per minute.

3. The optimum temperature is 50-60 degrees Celsius.

Benefits of the sauna

1. Strengthen the heart. The sauna is a moderate exercise where the heart rate is 100-150 beats per minute, resulting in better functioning of blood vessels. Better pumping Reduce the risk of blood clots.

2. The sauna helps the muscles relax faster. Because when the blood circulates well Faster and better transmission of oxygen Makes the body recover faster.

3. Detoxification by detoxification. Impurities from the skin Through the sweat that emanates from the pores.

4. Reduce stress when blood circulation is good. The body is fully oxygenated. Inevitably results in a feeling of relaxation and reduce stress Restoring a tired brain.

5. Helps your skin look fresh and youthful due to better blood circulation.

6. Improved immunity From the fact that the sauna helps to create white blood cells. That serves to eliminate germs in the body.


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