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Pool Service

Swimming Pool Service

for all Private Pools, Commercial Pools let us service your pool to maintain the safe clean clear water economically and convenient service with care we take out all worry with our professional service includes. 

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Water Test

Weekly Water Test

pH check of water and maintains balance Of the pH

FCl ECl checks the chlorine in water and balancing the chlorine values ​​in the water

TDS checks salt concentration with adjusting the salt concentration To suit each Salt Chlorinator model

Monthly Water Test

ALK, alkalinity of water Alkalinity

CH (Calcium Hardness) water hardness

CYA (Cyanuric Acid) chlorine inhibitors



Pool Cleaning

Scoop Water Surface

Cleaning floor, Wall, Grout, Stairs, pool Ladder, Over Flow

Vacuum Sediment 

Clean Skimmer

Clean Pump Room

Brush Wall and Floor

Store Equipment and Chemicals

Back Wash, Filter When Required



Pool Check 

Check Wall and Floor Inlets

Check The Pool Lights.

Check Spa Operations

Check The Water Level In The Pool.

Pool System Check

Float / Auto Top-Up Check

Check Chlorinator Function

Check The Filter Tank.

Check All Valves

Check The Pool Pump, Spa Pump.

Check / Test Pool System

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