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 Pool Builder
Pool Renovate and Pool Repair in Thailand

    At Siam Pool, we specialize in the construction of new in-ground swimming pools, pool renovation, and pool repairs in Chiang Mai and all provinces of Thailand. With many years of experience in the pool construction industry, you can count on us for all your swimming pool needs!

    We are committed to building high quality pools at competitive prices. Our professional team of talented custom pool builders are experienced in every aspect of the process. Whether you need your pool repaired or built from scratch, Siam Pools can do it all!

Resort & Hotel Pool

World class quality by our professional team.

Residential Pools

Gentle and Safe for kids.

Jacuzzi’s and Water Features

We make your pool to be special and unique.

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Modern Pools

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Semi Commercial Chlorinators 

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Natural Pools

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Low Salt Chlorinators

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Mineral Chlorinators

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Commercial Chlorinators

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Classic Pools

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Oxygen Systems

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Salt Chlorinators



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